Tool compendium

Fostering collaboration, networking, and exchange of up-to-date lessons learned and good practice are key to enhance forest resilience and reduce the risk of forest disturbances. However, language barriers, countries´ borders and lack of contacts often hinder knowledge exchange. To break these barriers, the tool compendium offers open access to a range of good practices and experiences in wildfire, storms, and biotic risk management to take inspiration and, learn from as well as connect with other actors in forest disturbances management in Europe.  

The European Forest Institute (EFI), collaborating with network partners from the European Forest Risk Facility initiative through a series of workshops organized within the SURE project, developed a searchable online tool compendium with a user-friendly interface for forest practitioners, researchers, and policy-makers. The tool compendium is a database of management activities, communication and networking tools, local knowledge and much more to support strategy development and decision making of forest practitioners and policy-makers.  

The database is open and the SURE team welcomes all practitioners, researchers, and policy-makers to contribute with their activities and best performances in this database. The tools can be also easily downloaded. 

More information and access to the database can be found here.  

If you have any additional questions or would like to provide your feedback, feel free to contact the compedium management team.