Thematic workshops

The workshops will support capacity building and training for enhancing forest resilience in relation to the three forest risk themes:

  • Drought and forest fires
  • Storms
  • Biotic threats

Another purpose of the workshops is consolidating the network. The workshop participants will support the evolution of the European Forest Risk Facility strategy paper to create mandate in and for the network nodes across Europe. They will serve also to develop operating procedures for more formal collaboration between the Risk Facility secretariat, the network nodes and other network actors.

The workshops will be organized throughout the project duration and hosted by expert organizations with specific competencies related to the three named risks. The workshops will furthermore provide insights into ongoing scientific debates relating to the specific forest risks, related activities and projects, and will highlight practical experiences related to risk mitigation and management.

Workshop findings will be processed as capacity building and training materials.

Capacity Building
Exchange of Experts in Northern Ireland: capacity building on fire management