Flame Work 2020

The IV international Prescribed Fire Meeting of Mafra, comes as a result of the use of prescribed fire as a territory management tool during the last decade, and after the trainings conducted in 2017, 2018 and 2019, with a frankly positive evaluation by all the participating technicians.

This tactical and operational exercise will enable the professionals involved to gain / exchange experience, learn about various fire-related areas and test their capabilities outside of their normal and usual work environment. They will engage in various tasks and roles of fire operations, from the planning stage to implementation and evaluation briefings. They will have the opportunity to work in scenarios of fire use with various objectives (ecological, fire prevention, support to landowners, etc.), in which their knowledge and techniques are put to the test.

The Mafra 2020 Operational Training will bring together expert technicians from all around the world and will create opportunities for knowledge exchange. One of the objectives of this exercise is to make it as practical and operational as possible, simulating a training camp so that participants can strengthen partnerships, spirit of friendship and increase the cohesion of the fire community.

Carlos Júlio Batista Trindade
Serviço Municipal de Proteção Civil de Mafra
Cell phone:+ 961 341 666 or +933 230 671
e-mail: gtf.mafra@cm-mafra.pt

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